11-month-old Kitten Is Fighting for Her Life After Being Burned in Oven on Purpose

"It was a little shocking...to see a kitten of that age with those types of injuries-they were pretty severe," one of the officers said.


Cats are curious creatures who love to explore their surrounding and as a result, they sometimes end up at unexpected and quite dangerous places, like inside the oven or on the stove. One family brought their 11-month-old kitten at the vet’s saying how it accidentally got burned in the oven. The injuries, however, were so severe that doctors suspected the incident didn’t really happen by accident but someone did that to the kitten on purpose.

As it turned out, they were right. A juvenile member of the family hurt the poor animal intentionally and left her with disfigured paws and ears.

Photo: Facebook/Jackson County Animal Shelter – Michigan

“It was a little shocking…to see a kitten of that age with those types of injuries–they were pretty severe,” said animal control officer, Shawn Lutz, speaking to WILX.

The mother of the culprit behind the cruel act was the one who took the kitten at the vet’s, from where she was transferred to Jackson County Animal Shelter in Jackson, Michigan.

“The cat was in really bad shape and is taking a long time to get better, especially with respiratory issues and breathing,” shelter director Lydia Sattler reported.

However, despite the ordeal, this lovely kitten was determined to fight for her life. She was a real warrior, so her rescuers named her Suri, short of “survivor.”

Now everyone is hoping for the best. But the thing is that Suri’s recovery won’t only be a long one, but expensive as well. In order for her to be treated timely, the shelter is asking for donations.

As for the minor responsible for Suri’s state, the police know their name, but are considering pressing charges against the parents.


The shelter wrote on Facebook: “Friends, we have another pet that is in need and deserves much better than she has received up until now. We are hopeful she will not only survive but thrive, though she’s on a long road to recovery. Her hospitalization costs will take a team effort to cover and we are asking for your help. Let’s rally together and let Suri know she is loved.”

If you consider making a donation and helping Suri’s recovery, please visit Jackson County Animal Shelter’s website.

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