After 10 Years In The Shelter, Shy Dog Is Finally Going Home


He finally met the one he desperately needed.

Meet the long-haired German shepherd, Floyd, who was previously a resident of the Freshfields Animal Rescue located in Liverpool, England. Floyd is the guardian of the facility, and even mentors newbies who struggle with shelter life. However, his past was never bright despite his joyous and gentle demeanor.

Before Floyd arrived at Freshfields, he lived with a couple who had eight children. In addition, he was never a house dog – he was kept in the backyard, where the kids would use him for ‘target practice’. Constant torture on a daily basis had caused Floyd to be aggressive over time, which the family thought would be resolved by simply neutering him. They ended up abandoning him at the local veterinarian’s – and that greatly relieved Floyd as he was finally safe when he was brought in to Freshfields. He was a people-loving dog, but still has protection issues whenever new people come into contact with the staff.

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