10+ Before And After Photos Of Pets Growing Up With Their Toys


Teddy bears and sometimes other toys are children’s favorite. They usually choose one they like the most and keep it close for ages. Because these plush toys keep them save from the monsters under their bed and keep them company while having fun outdoors. But the fun thing is that not only kids have their favorite toys, but animals, cats and dogs, as well.

However, most pets use them as teeth sharpeners and enjoy chewing them. Below are the most entertaining photos of animals with the toys grew up with. Side-to side photos of the time they were young and later captured getting older together with their bears, blankets, and sometimes pillows.

Does your pet have a favorite toy? If yes, please share it with us in the comments below.

#1 Still Sleeps With A Friend

#2  Sid. Kangoo Is Always Near To Him, But…. You Have To Find It!!

#3 8 Months Apart, Rupert The Bear Is Still Eric’s Favorite Toy

#4 One Year Later And He Still Loves To Cuddle With This Stuffed Polar Bear

#5 Still Sleep With His Bear

#6 Croc Battle: Then And Now

#7 Then And Now

#8 My Cat And His Favorite Box

#9 Six Months Later, She Still Loves It

#10 Eight Months Later, My Little Ball Of Fury

#11 Gizmo And Pookie – Bff’s

#12 The Difference A Year And A Half Makes, For Both My Cat And His Toy Monkey

#13 Four Years Later And It’s Still His Favorite

#14 It’s Old And Ragged And Has Seen Better Days But It’s Her Favorite Toy

#15 Mayo, My Friend ‘s Dog, Then And Now

#16 Remi, Four Months Apart

#17 10 Years Apart

#18  Seven Years Later, He Still Loved His Duck

#19 Benny And His Favorite Toy Nine Months Later

#20 My Dog Then & Now

#21 My Dog Then And Now

#22 Three Years Later And She Still Loves Stuffed Bears

#23 Growing Up With Favorite Toys

#24 Then And Now

#25 Still Rocky’s Favorite Toy

#26 Ten Weeks Apart

#27 Rita, The Cat, And Joana, The Little Bug – Months Apart

#28  Best Toy Ever

#29  Miep With Her Bunsen Honeydew At Four Weeks And One Year

#30 Three Years Later, Still Spends Hours Trying To Get Into Coconuts

#31  She Can Be Very Angry If You Try To Take Her “toy”

#32  My Little Shih-tzu ,ivy And Her Best Friend – The Teddy Bear

#33 Stevie The Kitty, The Day We Got Her, To Today. She Still Loves Her String

#34 Love At First Sight – She Stole Mouse Attached To My Keys. Now She “kill” It Every Night. 😉

#35 Bell And Her Goose

#36 My Baby Boy Now Three Years Old And Still Loves His Mofumin-pillow

#37 A Year Ago Today I Met My Best Friend, And He Got His First Toy

#38  He Loves His Toy So Much, He Ate His Head And Arms

#39  Oscar – 5 Years


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