1-Year-Old Chihuahua Dumped At High-Kill Shelter, Weeps Herself To Sleep In A Pink Sweater

An anonymous source of the shelter said the dog’s little chest compresses up and down and she sobs quietly each night before bed.


No dog should ever be neglected or abandoned by their human families.

Sadly, not many owners understand that welcoming a dog in their home and in their life should be forever, so many poor canines end up either on the streets left to fend for themselves, or in shelters.

A tiny Chihuahua was unlucky enough to end up in the hands of people who didn’t appreciate her presence in their life. Her cruel owners dumped her at the most horrific place in the country, the high kill shelter Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California.

The 1-year-old puppy was terrified. She had no idea what was going on and why she wasn’t home among the people she loved so much.

The shelter staff realized that the unnamed Chihuahua was in despair so they tried finding her home by posting the following message along with a picture of her wearing a pink sweater.

“I am described as a female, white Chihuahua – Smooth Coated. The shelter thinks I am about 1 year old.I have been at the shelter since Jan 20, 2017. I don’t have much time left. The shelter is full.”

The saddest thing about this pup was that she couldn’t stop crying. A person from the shelter who wanted to stay anonymous said how the sweet animal could be heard sobbing quietly not wanting to disturb the animals she shared the kennel with, and it was a sad sight to witness.

Luckily, someone kind who stumbled upon the heartbreaking post and the story behind this Chihuahua stepped in and filled adoption papers. Now, the pup is no longer sad or crying because she found new family that will never abandon her. ❤️

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